December 18, 2022

We have added a new setting that allows you to specify how your collection progress should be tracked. There are 3 categories:

  • Any card variant: Owning any variant of a card counts towards completion.
  • Regular card variants: Owning both the standard and parallel set variants of a card count towards completion (e.g., Normal and Reverse Holo). If a card doesn't have either variants, any other variant counts.
  • All card variants: Owning all variants of a card counts towards completion.

The progress tracking on the dashboard and expansions pages has been updated accordingly. The next phase will be to rework the cards page to work with these new settings. This can be expected in the coming weeks.

We have also added a new button to the collection sharing dialog that allows you to generate a QR code. This allows you to share your collection with other people much faster when you're on the go, when buying or trading cards in your local game shop for example.

In other news, the premium prices have been slighly lowered.

If you have feedback regarding these changes, please let us know. Thanks!