In most cases, you are probably referring to the Unlimited variant of a card that happens to be holographic. Some rarities, such as Rare Holo, are always holographic by default.

If there are variants with a different holographic pattern than the Unlimited or Reverse Holo variants, they will be listed by their holographic pattern, e.g., Cosmos Holo, Cracked Ice Holo or Water Web Holo.

If you still think a card variant is missing, please report it to us. Thanks!

The Japanese TCG does not have the same structure as the international TCG. Therefore it is listed separately on the expansions page and cards page.

Currently most Japanese cards only have the Unlimited variant. We are looking for reliable sources to add other variants like 1st Edition and Reverse Holo. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have knowledge to share. Thanks!

Not yet, but this is something that is being worked on.

We do our best to include pricing information for all cards and variants, but unfortunately there will always be cards or variants that do not have pricing information. If we don't have the data, it will simply be left out.

Maybe sometime in the future. It's not something we have planned, but we can look into it.

No, but you don't need one! TCG Collector was designed to work on any device. Simply open it on your mobile browser and you're good to go. We might add the site to the App or Play Store for discoverability though.

The basic subscription will probably cost $1-2 a month and the premium subscription $3-5. Both will be billed annually.