Frequently asked questions

In most cases, you are probably referring to the Normal variant of a card that happens to be holographic. Some rarities, such as Rare Holo, are always holographic by default.

If there are variants with a different holographic pattern than the Normal or Reverse Holo variants, they will be listed by their holographic pattern, e.g., Cosmos Holo, Cracked Ice Holo or Water Web Holo.

For reference, a detailed explanation of all card variants can be found here. If you still think a card variant is missing, please report it to us. Thanks!

The Japanese TCG does not have the same structure as the international TCG. Therefore it's listed separately on the expansions page and cards page.

Currently most Japanese cards only have the Normal variant. We are looking for reliable sources to add other variants like Reverse Holo and 1st Edition. Please don't hesitate to contact us if you have knowledge to share. Thanks!

It's based on the card variant price multiplied by the quantity in your collection. If no price is available for a variant, the variant with the lowest price of the same card is used. Card languages and conditions have no effect on the price calculation.

We do our best to include pricing information for all cards and variants, but unfortunately there will always be cards or variants that don't have pricing information. If we don't have the data, it will simply be left out.

They're calculated by taking the lowest price across all variants of a card. Card languages and conditions are not included in the pricing information.

A premium subscription will cost between $3.75 and $5.00 a month. Various billing periods will be available, such as monthly and annually. Longer billing periods will have a price reduction.

If you cancel your premium subscription, you'll keep all your collection data. You might no longer be able to add new cards to your collection because of certain limits though. If you get a premium subscription again, you'll be able to continue where your previously left off.

No, but you don't need one! TCG Collector was designed to work on any device. Simply open it on your mobile browser and you're good to go. You can also pin TCG Collector to your home screen and use it exactly like an app. We might add the site to the App or Play Store for discoverability though.