October 13, 2022

After a lot of work, we have launched one of our biggest updates to the site! A detailed overview of all the changes can be found below.

Changes to the expansions page

The expansions page has been completely reworked. More specifically:

  • The expansions overview is now much more compact and readable overall.
  • The expansions overview now includes expansion codes, release dates and market prices.
  • You can now sort expansions by release date, collection progress and market price.
  • The release date order can now also be changed from the expansions page.
  • You can now change collection progress bars to show progress for the standard set, parallel set and all card variants.
  • A detailed collection progress overview can now be viewed for each expansion, similar to the dashboard. It also includes a breakdown per card variant and cost to completion information.
  • All of the above also works with collection sharing.
  • You can now hide individual expansions from the overview instead of only series. These preferences can be found at the top right of the page.
  • A more accessible share my collection button has been added to the top of the page.
  • Adding/removing cards in bulk has been moved to the cards page.

Changes to the dashboard

  • The dashboard now features completion statistics for the standard set, parallel set, and all card variants.
  • Each completion statistic (standard set, parallel set, etc.) links to the new expansions page with the appropriate filters activated.

Changes to the cards and card details page

  • When viewing a specific expansion, the cards page now features an actions dropdown. These actions allow you to view your collection progress in detail and to do various bulk operations that were previously available on the expansions page.
  • You can now specify the variant, language and condition when adding/removing all cards of an expansion to/from your collection.
  • You can now add/remove all cards of an expansion to/from your wishlist.
  • Images are now the default display option instead of the list view on the cards page.
  • Various preferences have been moved from the account settings to the cards page. They can be found on the top right of the page.
  • Going to a next cards page no longer incorrectly scrolls to the top of the page instead of the card list.
  • A more accessible share my collection button has been added to the top of the page.
  • Clicking/tapping a price on the cards page as a basic collector will take you directly to the vendor site from now on.
  • You can now more easily view the variants of a card when viewing all the collection entries of a card (an additional button has been added).
  • You can now copy the title of a card. This makes searching on sites such as eBay a lot easier.
  • Every expansion name displayed now also includes the expansion code.
  • Collection sharing now also works on card details pages.

Exporting your data

  • You can now export your wishlist.
  • You can now export your card notes.

Other changes and fixes

  • If no card price vendor is available, prices will be consistently shown as $— instead of $0 from now on.
  • An issue has been fixed causing some notifications not to be marked as read.
  • Various user experience improvements have been made. This includes:
    • No more jumping content because of scrollbars.
    • Some buttons have been moved from left to right for better accessibility.
    • Better centering for dialogs and drawers.
    • Most buttons now show a tooltip with more information.
  • A lot of small layout an design changes have been made to improve the overall look and feel of the site.
  • Error handling and error messages have been improved in general.

Site information

  • Information regarding premium subscriptions has been updated. Check out the premium page for more details.
  • The FAQ has been improved according to user feedback.
  • The contribute section of the help page has been moved to a separate page.

If you have feedback regarding this update, or have encountered any issues, please let us know. Thanks!